London Time Out! The Best London Attractions Part II

If you are coming to London Those are the Places You definitely should visit. This is the Part II and there is more in part one that you can read here

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Coming out of the West End, toward the Whitehall and Westminster, it is the building of Parliament and Big Ben, one of the most beautiful architectonic complex of the city, especially at night! The building of the Parliament, the House of Lords and the House of Commons, is the Legislative Assembly of Great Britain, around Westminster Hall, built in the 11th century by King Canute.

Buckingham Palace

Is the official residence of the Royal Family since 1837. Imponent and majestic, it is possible to visit some wings of the palace, where they are used for receptions and official events. If you have lots of luck in June don’t miss the parade of coaches with the Queen Elizabeth and the Royal family, in commemoration of his birthday as a “stop”. Between July to September are allowed visits to Buckingham Palace and it is unforgettable! (Between Green Park and St. James’s Park, Green Park tube). Official Site

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The Change of The Guard

Everyone wants to see the changing of the guard! If you have been to London and didn’t see it, well … then you did not come to London! From Trafalgar Square to The Mall, is the long-awaited exchange well forward to Buckingham Palace, residence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The changing of the guard takes place daily, during the summer, the 11h30h, except on rainy days.… Read Everything!

London Time Out!The Best London Attractions.


London cosmopolitan, bustling, modern, classical, romantic, historical, cultural, executive, vibrant! How much for, organize your time, not to lose the best tours, museums, Downton Abbey, wonderful parks… If you are Looking for a London Time Out I guarantee the Information You will find in this Blog Will provide you with info in free events in london, and also paid of course.I wish you have The best times out London that yo might wish for.

London is amazing! The studios of Harry Potter, Peppa Pig’s park or even the Shard, the tallest building of Europe, …

Let’s go to London!!

London The Shad


The London Pass

See everything in London with the London Tourist Pass.

With option of one, two, three or six consecutive days, the London Pass offers excellent value and convenience with free entry to over 50 attractions, including locations related to royalty, such as the Windsor Palace, the Tower of London, Kensington Palace and Westminster Abbey, where the Prince William married Kate Middleton. With the pass, you can also visitother attractions of London, such as the London zoo, the exposure of Tower Bridge and the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Tower Of London

Situated on the Thames Banks , the Tower of London is located in the region of an old Roman fort. It was built by the conquerors Normans.In the reign of Henry VIII, its towers were transformed into prison and currently, the tower guard the wonderful jewels of the British Crown, which can be admired by all!A must see!

The Tower Bridge

With approximately 800 years the Tower Bridge is the most famous Bridge in the world! Built over The Thames in 1894, has a spectacular view of the city .Cross the bridge and visit the Machinery Room Victorian, where are the original steam machines that trigger the hinge arms of the bridge, which opened around 1000 times during the year for passage of the large vessels.… Read Everything!